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MONTANA (2010) Divorced, white male, late 30s "Over all the painting looks good with solid design concepts - My first reaction to the circular format was sort of negative - maybe more femanine than I expected and from a Montanan's point of view that just won't do. Then I caught hints of design that came right off the borders of my personal paintings and I felt that they had been used without consulting with me about it. That being said my daughter didn't think the image looked enough like me - but personally I thought you did well with only photos to work from. I have worked from photos before and it's a lot more difficult that working from a live subject. I did think that being an image about a Montanan/Montana it should have been more rugged in nature - also the fish with the teeth seemed more like parhana than anything we would encounter here, but at times my fingers did get shreded by the teeth in a brown trout as I tried to remove a hook without the proper tool - so there you have it. From one artist to another I do hope that you stay on task and finish all the paintings of the states missing in the series. This is a monumental task you have decided to go after and worth the effort. Keep in touch if you can as I would love to know when the entire project is complete.


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