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MISSISSIPPI (2006) "I LOVE IT! All the little details stand out for me. From the swami in the corner, Jabba making faces at you. The pattern of the hakima are excellent, nice positive/negative images of each other. I'm almost sure that there is a particular name for that asana, but it escapes me at the moment. The offering of the whole scene on giant lotus petals is an eastern classic touch. The dunes in the background are very Dune-like (no pun) and the little bit of water is just the right clue. The dragon is very relevent as it looks along my sight as an ally, and an excellent choice to make him a sea dragon, very Coast relevent! Also the classic kung-fu dicotomy of the dragon and tiger staring at each other, either that or he's contemplating Jabba as a snack. The wolves remind me of Cerebus, just short another head, but great to see their inclusion. One again looking to me and another to the dragon. Being and becoming.

But on to the foci of the work, me! Such a nice surprise to see the blue skin! It brought to mind two ideas. One was that Shiva had blue skin and was known for a particular dance (the pose!) that was reputed to heal ailments and diseases on a DNA/genetic level. The other is just as neat a reference. Alchemists or on occasion health nuts who ingest or are exposed to a large quantity of colloidial silver, will develop the same blue tint to their skin - like a mild full body tattoo. Run a web search about CS and a congressman and you can see a good picture. The Eye of Horus was a great touch as well and suitable that it was the right eye to boot.

All in all I'm proud as can be to get it framed and it will go into my new place which I'm moving into this very week! Great timing! And it will have little competition on the wall, so it will be a centerpiece. I'm glad that I was able to work with you on this gianormous undertaking and do my part to represent Mississippi, particularly in a light not generically conjured! But that's exactly what the work's name implies. My apologies again for the delay in replying, nothing worse then not knowing - it lets that negative side of the mind run rampant and create all manner of worries! You'll have to let me know when the whole is complete, maybe I can sneak up there to see the entirety in mass! If you ever find your way down here, look me up and I can show you the coast proper.

Thanx again for selecting me, corresponding with me, and producing such a unique reflection of me. It will always be a fantastic story for those who lay eyes upon it. If I can do anything else, just let me know! Best wishes for the rest of your collection, I'm sure they will flow forth smoothly."


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