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COLORADO (2005)—Divorced white female, 38—I am looking at the painting again and looked at it in depth have shared it with many friends and family who love it...My response to the painting starting to come back....Remember I said I thought the grasshopper was portrayed in the picture, and when I asked you that, you said no it was an ant and how i respect all that live on the earth from the Ant to the human and beyond. You said I was a spirit that went beyond human capacity. Which is an honor, the man I am with my dream man protecting me and my blue dress with the fantasy of the beach....The Loop railroad part of my upbringing. My pets, the cat, fish and turtle whose name is Sweetstuff Lollipop, the military background, the discipline, my beloved mountains, the imagination I used when I was young and still to this day, making shapes from the sky...The stars and the flowers that makes me realize to take time to smell the roses!!!!!!!!The Rocky Mountain Canadian Police, My parents to which are the highest respect, and all I love...There, how is that?


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